Balsamic Vinegar
Feisty Fajita Marinade
Essential Rub
A decadently light surprise on salads, prosciutto wrapped figs, and even braised meats.   From hottie to naughty, this flavorful marinade is perfect for chicken, beef and vegetable fajitas.   Foreplay for meats and veggies, before grilling. Espresso blends with the spicy and savory flavors.

Vintage Port Syrup
Succulent Grill Sauce
Heirloom Tomato Jam
A stimulating and versatile finish for meats, poultry and desserts.   Perfect for sensuous barbeque - smoky whiskey and spices are perfect for beef, pork, chicken and fish. Also great mixed in with hummus for a unique appetizer.   Sassy to sultry says it all. This uniquely versatile jam is made with a variety of organic heirloom tomatoes and is the perfect accompaniment to pork, beef, chicken and vegetables.

Pecan Praline Sauce
The traditional Southern praline candy is now a decadent sauce!